Something for Everyone at the Dogwood Center for Performing Arts

Something for Everyone at the Dogwood Center for Performing Arts

Just outside of Fremont proper, off of West 48th street (which really is a continuation of West Main street in downtown Fremont) is a beautiful, easily accessible facility named Dogwood Center for Performing Arts.  “We have something for everyone throughout the year,” stated Marianne Boerigter, Dogwood Executive Director. Dogwood Center  has an eclectic variety of music concerts, plays, story tellers, comedians, dance, and a speaker series through Calvin College that takes place weekdays in the month of January, among many other things. And because of its connection with the NCCA Artsplace in Fremont, theDogwood lobbyhas a scheduled gallery that displays beautiful artwork. 

My husband and I got tickets (purchased from Dogwood’s Website) for the Mark Lavengood Band: Bluegrass Bonanza.  This concert was held in the “Black Box”, an intimate venue to the side of the main stage with a nightclub feel.  The walls are literally black cloth, so projections of lights can fit with the music while creating a clear, strong sound that’s not too loud.

Dogwood Center Black Box

I chose to dress up a bit because we don’t get out on dates much. But t-shirts and jeans were the norm.  We got to sit anywhere we wanted at the twelve or so tables that each sat about eight people.  This really was nice for us because we ended up meeting some very friendly people who could tell us more about previous events at the Dogwood as well as around the area. Before the bands’ arrival, my husband walked over to get us some adult beverages to have during the concert. Events at the Dogwood many times have a concessions bar and some events are even catered. 

When the Mark Lavengood Band took the stage, they weren’t exaggerating about being a bonanza.  The seven piece band filled every inch of the stage.  Mark, at the helm, shared original and cover music that got everyone clapping and tapping.  The musicians played off each other like they were playing tag you’re it! My head followed from Mark’s fingers as they danced around on the dolbra (my first time hearing one), then to Dutcher on the keyboard, over to Brad on the fiddle, on to Jason on the mandolin, next to Justin on the guitar, and finally to the other Justin on the bass. Nathan, the drummer, kept the beat lively throughout with a few solos sprinkled in.  It was a whirlwind of bluegrass music. We definitely left the concert feeling energized with just enough twang to our step.

So, if you’re new to the area and don’t feel like driving to the big city for great shows or you’re vacationing in the area and would like a special date night out, check out Dogwood Events Calendar for reasonably priced tickets to quality acts:  Also, contact the main office if you are interested in being a part of the center for performing arts through volunteering.

See this link for a 360o virtual visit to Dogwood Center!

By Katie Clark

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