Author: Carmen Faulkner

Michigan-Made Syrup

Tapping and Boiling: A (Mostly!) Spring Guide to Michigan-Made Syrup The Tap I’ll never be one to complain about the coming of spring. Every year I look forward to the snow being replaced by morning frost, warming throughout the day. I look forward to the budding of trees, the greening of grass. But before we transition completely from winter to spring, there is one thing you must do in Michigan: make your own maple syrup! When the days begin to warm, but the nights still fall below freezing, it’s tapping season! Far more simple than one would imagine, anyone...

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Success at Dam to Dam 2018

by Carmen Faulkner At sunrise, the serious contenders went out. They walked or snowshoed or rode snowmobiles. Some carried ice shanties, others stuck true to what I would consider to be the ‘old school, torturous’ tradition of sitting on buckets in the wind and cold. They drilled holes with ice augers, they baited their hooks, and they waited. By the time I arrived around 11, the ice on both sides of Croton Pond was peppered with attendees. Hundreds of them sat alone, or huddled in groups. The wind was strong, but not enough to be a deterrent, and the...

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Dam to Dam Ice Fishing Tournament

by Carmen Faulkner All right everyone, the winter thaw is over! The few days of warm weather and the reminders from green grass poking up from under the usual January snow was wonderful, but wintery conditions have made their way back into the forecast for the foreseeable future. Rather than running between heated buildings while waiting for spring, this means it’s time to re-engage with winter activities that make River Country a great place to be! …Yes, even in the winter months!   For outdoor-enthusiasts, ice fishing is already on the radar of available winter activities. But you don’t...

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