Are you up for an adventure?

Try your hand at the Newaygo County Exploring Challenge. With over 120 activities such as photographing area landmarks, visiting a farmers market, exploring The Hardy Dam Rustic Trail or stargazing in the clear up-north skies, this is sure to keep you occupied all year long! Are you a Pioneer, Adventurer or a true Newaygo County Explorer?

How many Challenge Tasks can you complete?

Here is how it works…

1. Get our Challenge Task list


Pick up a copy in the area

Challenge Task Lists are available at:

Newaygo County Welcome Center
Area Chamber of Commerce Offices

2. Review the Rules & Details



Review Our Challenge Tasks

Read through our list of PHOTO spots, trails and nature areas to EXPLORE, places to VISIT, and things to DO.

Venture out into Newaygo County!

Make your way around Newaygo County, as an individual or team and complete as many of the tasks as you can – The Challenge is open to everyone April 1 – December 1, 2021.


Tally Up Your Scores!

When you have completed all you can, tally up the number of Challenge Tasks completed – 25 gives you the title of “Pioneer” – 50 “Adventurer” – 100 “Explorer”… see what you earned below.

Submit Your Score Sheet

You can submit your score sheet below in the “submission area” – here our team will review your Challenge Task scorecard and verify your results! Congrats, on completing your Challenge!

3. When you are ready, submit your score sheet

On your “Print at Home” or “Picked Up” Challenge Task List there is a location for you to tally up your results. You can simply write in the number there, and include a photo of the score sheet (taken with your smartphone, or scanned and uploaded) to the link below.



For those completing 25 of the challenge tasks, you will get a digital certificate emailed to you!

50 TASKS - Adventurer

For those completing 50 of the challenge tasks, you will get a digital certificate emailed to you and a GO Exploring Challenge Sticker!


For those completing 100 of the challenge tasks, you will get a digital certificate emailed to you, GO Exploring Challenge Sticker and the sought after EXPLORER Patch for completing the highest level of Challenge tasks for 2021!