White Tail Deer

White Tail Hunting

Your passion for the hunt will find it’s home in Newaygo County. No need to venture further north for the ultimate pursuit of the white tail deer, our region offers over 15,000 acres of public hunting land for you to explore.

Choose the Spot for Your Hunt

Public Land

From big game to small, the thrill of the hunt is something that is best experienced in Michigan, and in Newaygo County. Seek the perfect spot for your tree stand or blind on over 15,000 acres of public land in our region.

Stories from the Hunt

Trail Time & Hot Toddies  

Trail Time & Hot Toddies  

Instead of toiling the winter days away, cooped up indoors, why not venture out for some trail time and toddies? Newaygo County is the perfect destination for such an adventure, and we are going to tell you right where to start!   Gear up! First….are you going to...

Christmas Season Festivities

Christmas Season Festivities

I grew up in Newaygo country. My memories of the area are rich odes to the senses.  There’s the feeling of the cold river running over my feet in the summer, sunlight on my face as it blinked through the rustling tree branches along the bank. There was the taste of...

Head to the Woods

Newaygo is the perfect hub for your white tail pursuit. Whether you are planning an overnight stay or a week long hunt, we have the right spot for your to rest your head. What are you waiting for?