Hiking Trails

Looking to venture out into the wilderness? Newaygo County is home to miles of hiking trails and numerous nature areas that allow you to get out and create and adventure of your own making.

Choose the Right Trail for Your Adventure

First Time Hikers

Everyone starts somewhere. Ready to wander out on your first trail hiking adventure? We have just the right spot for you!


Want to Go Explore the North Country Trail? Newaygo County is home to some of the longest trail segments of this 4,000 mile hiking trail. Your adventure begins!

Looped Trails

Want the simplicity of ending up where you began? These loop trails offer trails of varying lengths and challenge that all circle back to your home base.

Stories from the Trail

Advice from a Hiking Trio

Meet Annie Trapp, Linda Trapp, Kathy Broome & pup Novalee, all residents of the White Cloud area. They enjoy hiking the North Country Trail as a trio in their spare time. I caught up with these ladies  to ask how this year has been going so far…So far in 2021 they...

Modern Workhorse or Adventure Machine?

Modern Workhorse or Adventure Machine?

Back in the day, if you could have looked in a cowboy's saddlebags, you would have seen a few things that every one of them made sure they had whenever they jumped onto their trusty steed. A good rope, a coffee pot and a few tools were part of every cowboy's gear....

First Time Hiker

First Time Hiker

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit, that even growing up next to the Manistee National Forest, literal minutes from the North Country Trail, my first time hiking it was this past winter… in my mid 30’s!  While my preferred adventure typically includes a glass of wine on...

Traipsing Through the Winter Woods

Traipsing Through the Winter Woods

I am in love with Newaygo County.  We’ve lived here three years now and keep discovering hidden treasures. If you love to be out in nature as my husband and I do, then each season brings new adventures and experiences.I did not think snowshoeing sounded like much...

Fall Color Tour Time! 

Fall Color Tour Time! 

Top 5 places (and maybe a few more) to take great Fall color photosFall is my favorite time of year. I love watching the rainbow of colors change from day to day. Science says that water and temperature determine when a tree’s leaves turn colors. I don’t much care for...

Hit the Trail

Newaygo is the perfect hub to begin your adventure. Whether you are planning an overnight stay or a week long trek, we have the right trail head for you. What are you waiting for?