McDuffee Creek Nature Preserve

2023 welcomed the opening of the 300-acre McDuffee Creek Nature Preserve, located at 11510 N. Walnut Avenue in Bitely. The Land Conservancy of West Michigan (LCWM), will protect this preserve in perpetuity to be enjoyed by future generations.  The LCWM is a non-profit land conservancy that works with private landowners and governmental bodies to permanently protect and care for the land.

the 300-acre McDuffee Creek Nature Preserve embodies the natural beauty and rich diversity of our region. The Preserve encompasses wetlands, uplands, the Little South Branch of the Pere Marquette River, a state designated Wild and Scenic River, and McDuffee Creek.

One of the LCWM aspirational projects is to return some areas of the Preserve uplands to natural oak savannas. These important savannas are the preferred habitat of the indigenous and federally endangered Blue Karner Butterfly. 

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Preserve information and photos shared by Charles Chandler

Preserve Details

Location: 11510 N. Walnut Avenue, Bitely, MI 49309
Area: 300-acres
Activities: Hiking, Picnic, Wetland & Wildlife Exploration

McDuffee Creek sign
McDuffie Creek Nature Preserve