Small Game and Waterfowl

Small Game & Waterfowl Hunting

The thrill of the hunt in Michigan is something that is best experienced in Newaygo County. Our region features a wide variety of small game and water fowl, everything from coyote to hare and woodcock to pheasant, something for every hunting enthusiast.

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Small Game

Small game hunting is a popular sport in Newaygo County, whether for food or sport. From early September through late March, hunters find our region to be rich with opportunities for hunting rabbits, squirrel and numerous waterfowl. In addition to seasonal hunts, hunters can take to the woods and fields year-round to hunt many variety of small game animals including: skunk,red squirrel, porcupine, feral hog, and opossum.

Waterfowl Hunting

Michigan ranks in the top three for Canada goose harvest and hunters in the nation, and top 10 for average annual sales of Federal Duck Stamps. The plentiful waterways of Newaygo County make our region an ideal spot for your Michigan waterfowl hunting adventure. Our area features a rich heritage of waterfowl hunting, offering hunters an abundance of places to layout their hunt and launch a skiff or jon boat.

Stories from the Field

Christmas Season Festivities

Christmas Season Festivities

I grew up in Newaygo country. My memories of the area are rich odes to the senses.  There’s the feeling of the cold river running over my feet in the summer, sunlight on my face as it blinked through the rustling tree branches along the bank. There was the taste of...

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Newaygo is the perfect hub to begin your hunting adventure. Whether you are planning an overnight stay or a week long hunt, we have the the perfect spot to rest your head. What are you waiting for?