With the busy holiday season behind us, who isn’t ready for some “me time”? Maybe a quiet walk in the woods, casting a line along a rapidly flowing riverbank, or pedaling through the pines can provide the renewal you seek. Newaygo County welcomes all seekers to come explore our great outdoors. No matter your interest, you are sure to find our destination the perfect place for fresh air and fun!


Family on walk through woods in winter

Trail Time

Whether we have a light dusting of snow or a nice snow pack for XC skiing and snowshoeing, the trails of Newaygo County offer plenty of outdoor adventure throughout the winter months. With 75-miles of trails to explore, anyone from the casual wanderer to endurance skier will find just the right spot for venturing out. Shorter looped trails can be found at Coolbaugh Natural Area or Loda Lake Sanctuary, for a more challenging treks two local North Country Trail spurs, Birch Grove Trail and Hungerford Lake Trail just might fit the bill. Pick your spot, layer up, and head out for an exhilarating winter trail experience.


senior cyclist on a fat mountain bike

Fat Bike the Dragon

When the temperatures drop and the snow begins to fly, cyclers strap up their fat bike gear and head to the trails. There’s no reason to sit out the season with plenty of incredible trails optimized for winter trekking, just awaiting your arrival. Michigan’s Dragon at Hardy Dam Pond is quickly becoming a not-to-be-missed Michigan hiking & biking destination featuring 29+ miles of technical trails that are both challenging and fun, and winter is no exception. Keep an eye on their trail conditions updates as you plan your trip to get out on The Dragon and find out what the buzz is all about.


Parent and child ice fishing

Winter Fishing Season

Although we aren’t quite ready for ice fishing this year, we still have great spots for casting a line. The Muskegon and White Rivers are destinations throughout the winter months for anglers hoping to catch trout and steelhead. Once the temperatures drop and the ice begins to thicken, ice shanties begin to pop up on the inland lakes around the region and a different sort of fishing takes over. Ice fishing is one of the favorite winter pastimes of our region due to the abundance of great inland lakes to drop in a line. When February comes around, we look forward to the annual tradition of the Dam to Dam Ice Fishing Tournament at Croton Pond. Come be a part of the fun!


Harrington Inn guest room

Where to Stay

Now that you have a plan for how to pack winter adventure into your day, all you need is a great place to stay. The Harrington Inn, Trailside, or Dragon Adventures Basecamp each offer a welcoming and comfortable place to rest your head before heading out for another day of exploration.