Loda Lake Wildflower Sanctuary

The Loda Lake Wildflower Sanctuary found its beginnings in  1938 when the US Forest Service invited the Federated Garden Club of Michigan to participate in creating a sanctuary for native Michigan plants.  The area consists of small lake, a marsh and wooded area.  There are over 150 different species of plants, wildflowers, trees and vegetation marked with posts that correspond to the trail guide available. The trail is about 1.5 miles long and a picnic area with grills and outhouse is available for use near the trail access point.

Enjoy this video provided by the Michigan Garden Club

Trail Details

Distance: 1.5 miles
Challenge Level: Beginner
Activities: Hiking, Picnicing

Trail Features

Self-Guided Tour

Loda Lake Wildflower Sanctuary contains a self-guided walking tour trail through a variety of habitats. The trail winds through oak-maple woodlands, alongside a stream and floodplain, through old pine plantations, and on a boardwalk through a shrub swamp and emergent wetland. A very nice variety of wildflowers can be seen along the way.