A need for power and speed is a desire dating back to the chariot races of ancient Rome. It’s a safe bet to say that there is no other sport quite like Truck and Tractor Pulling. The guys and gals that harness these incredibly high-powered machines on the weekends are bringing back the rumble to our local arena with the sounds and smell of intense horsepower!!

On June 25, 2022, we plan to see fans crowded into our new Newaygo County Fairgrounds grandstands to witness the 2nd Annual Bob Gilliland Memorial Truck Show and Pull. We are hoping for a sellout crowd to watch the big trucks and tractors pull the weighted sled down the track for everlasting glory!  No man is better in the arena of horsepower than our local motorhead Todd Gilliland. Todd is the owner of MPH Transportation in Fremont, MI. A company that was started by his grandfather Raymond back in 1947.

Todd’s Dad, Bob Gilliland, took over the business before passing it down to Todd and his brother Jon Gilliland (MPH Logistics).


Tractor pulling is in this family’s blood. Bob started in the sport back in 1978 and Todd joined shortly after in 1980 where it grew into a family affair till 1999.

Sadly, we lost Bob in February 2020. That is when Todd and John felt it was time to bring the love of the sport back to Newaygo County.


In 2021, Todd and his family hosted the 1st Annual Bob Gilliland Memorial Truck Show/Pull. Todd said “We feel it was a success with 30-40 semis


present between the show and pulling. We had great MI Truck and Pulling Clubs come in and help put the tractor pulls on which helps during the event”. Todd reached

out to NTPA and asked about participating in the show. “Fremont and Newaygo County in general are a huge motorsport mecca and can draw the crowds. When pullers would come to Fremont back in the old days it was unbelievable. The drivers would say it was one of the only arenas where they could hear the roar of the crowd over their engines. It’s one of everyone’s favorite places to pull. This event is towards the start of the pulling season and these drivers are dying to get their motors out of the box”. All proceeds raised from the 2022 event will go toward the NCAFA Modernization Arena Project fund which is to help upgrade the fairgrounds.
We hope to see you there to experience the roaring engines and cheering crowd getting louder as the pillars of black smoke pump into the night sky from the big diesel engines roaring through our community!
Todd Gilliland is always looking for drivers at MPH Transportation. Feel free to reach out if interested at email: info@mphtruck.com.
To sponsor or get more information about the event, use the link below. http://Newaygocountyfair.org/truck-show It’s creeping this way! The Big Guns are lining up for the show! The stands are coming along and looking good the light poles are going up …. Pulling track is in place The

Robert Gilliland Memorial Truck Show and Tractor Pull at the NEW GRANDSTAND is going down! We have the weight machine we have pullers and truck show trucks we have food vendors in place! All we need is YOU! Be prepared to get ROCKED! June 25th gates open at 8am come to the truck show stay for the pull! NTPA REGION 2!



Written By: Kelly Wawsczyk