Camp Newaygo Wetland Trail

Located on the property of Camp Newaygo, the Camp Newaygo Wetland Trail is a 0.5 mile boardwalk trail that is open to the public. The trail is on a wetland bog, which is full of wildlife, making it a favorite hiking spot for families and young children. This well marked trail offers plenty of seating along the trail and a large seating area to picnic and enjoy the natural surroundings. The trail features boardwalks, making it a perfect spot for those who want to get out into nature, but cannot walk long distances.

Trail Details

Distance: 0.5
Challenge Level: Beginner
Activities: Hiking, Picnic, Wetland & Wildlife Exploration

Trail Features

Wetland Environment

This boardwalk trail leads hikers through a wetland marsh, providing access to the wildlife habitat of great blue herons, kingfishers, muskrats, raccoons, barred owls, snapping turtles and more. A favorite spot among young hikers of this trail is an area that overlooks the pond where turtles and frogs gather.



This wetland trail consists of a 0.5-mile out-and-back hiking trail through a marsh and wooded area. A wooden boardwalk, extending through much of the trail, offers access to this unique marshland environment while keeping your feet dry.