Author: Samantha Breza

Acquiring and Operating Snowmobiles

By Samantha Breza There are no places to rent a snowmobile at in Newaygo County at this time. Snowmobilers have to own a snowmobile already or purchase one at David Allen Racing Motorsports on Maple Island Road. Winter clothes and goggles can be purchased at Dunham Sports on Main Street in Fremont. Snowmobiles need to be registered with the Secretary of State and have a trail permit if they are used on public property. There are also laws and regulations that snowmobilers must follow (such as not riding a snowmobiling while intoxicated) if they don’t want to become a...

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A Beginner’s Guide to Snowshoeing Apparel

By Samantha Breza What supplies are needed on a snowshoeing trip depends on where the snowshoer is going and how long they’re going to be there. Snowshoers hiking on mountain trails during the winter need hydration systems, avalanche transceivers, signaling mirrors, and ice axes for avalanches. As it is Newaygo county doesn’t have mountains, so avalanches aren’t a major concern. Snowshoers that go off-trail on backcountry trips should have a map, compass, GPS, cell phone, and a snowshoeing companion in case of emergencies. For lengthy trips, snowshoers need a backpack with snacks and a thermos bottle of water or...

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A Beginner’s Guide to Snowshoes and How to Use Them

By Samantha Breza Want to do something new this winter?  Try snowshoeing! Snowshoeing is an easy sport to get into. The equipment is relatively cheap, snowshoers don’t have to register the equipment, or pay annual fees for it. Snowshoers don’t need to take classes or have special training to begin. Traditionally snowshoes were used for getting around in snow without sinking into it with each step. They were used for hunting, trapping, collecting firewood from forests, or for doing daily chores on a farm. Using them for recreational use, such as hiking trails in the winter and competitive racing...

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