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Newaygo County offers unique, abundant, and affordable opportunities to get away from the city without having to endure a long drive for an authentic Up North adventure.

Four seasons of adventure await you, just around the corner!

Riflers & Reelers

Cast a line or plan your hunt in the waters and forests of Newaygo County. Sportsmen of every sort will find fishing and hunting in our region a true northern Michigan outdoor experience. Plan your next outing in Newaygo County, we have just the right spot.

Trail Addicts

With over 150 miles of trails, Trail Trekkers from beginner to advanced will find a trail that is just the right size for an adventure in Newaygo County. Let us show you the way with trail maps and more.

Winter Fanatics

Winter presents a whole new range of recreational fun for visitors to Newaygo County. We embrace the “Water-Winter-Wonderland” nickname with reckless abandon in pursuit of a snow covered adventure. Bundle up and grab your gear. Winter adventure awaits!

Boaters and Floaters

A Water Wonderland awaits you in Newaygo County with over 356 river miles and 256 inland lakes making it and ideal destination for your paddling or floating adventure. Water sports are a central part of our local culture, and we are excited to share our waterways with you!

Creatives & Crafters

Newaygo County offers diverse opportunities for exploring artistic expression through performing arts, museums, galleries, and a world-class observatory. Indulge your creative side in Newaygo County.

Trail Heads

Miles of Trails



First Person Adventure.

Church’s Tree Farm

Church’s Tree Farm

Finding the right tree!Snow fell, and we said goodbye to fall as if it were a thing that never existed. There were never leaves of red, yellow, or orange decorating the skyline. There were no greying trees of exposed branches and bark. There is only this place, this...

Fall Color Tour Time! 

Fall Color Tour Time! 

Top 5 places (and maybe a few more) to take great Fall color photosFall is my favorite time of year. I love watching the rainbow of colors change from day to day. Science says that water and temperature determine when a tree’s leaves turn colors. I don’t much care for...

Flowers are Popping at Loda Lake Wildflower Sanctuary

Flowers are Popping at Loda Lake Wildflower Sanctuary

This darn crazy spring and summer weather we are having is making it frustrating for photographers. I went to Loda Lake this week on the only day it hadn’t rained and was surprised by how I was joined by other photographers and hikers doing the same thing. School is...

The Wetland Trail – A Unique Ecosystem

The Wetland Trail – A Unique Ecosystem

 I’ve mentioned before in a previous blog that I work for TrueNorth Community Services, the parent company of Camp Newaygo. Unless people attend one of Camp Newaygo’s public events such as their “Dinners on the Ridge” series this summer (July 20 or August 10) most...

Hunt for Karner Blue Butterflies at Sanctuary

Hunt for Karner Blue Butterflies at Sanctuary

Sometimes you want to do something different than follow a path through the woods. Maybe you want to create an adventure or a bit of a scavenger hunt for an endangered species. One of the good things about the late spring/summer season is the endangered Karner Blue...

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