It is officially Fall in Newaygo County!

For me, the official start of Fall is not when the leaves change, or the air cools; it is when apple cider slushies are available at Heritage Farms Market in Fremont, Michigan.  The cider slushies are the best-tasting brain freeze I have ever had, and I look forward to it every year.  The cider is fresh-pressed onsite at Heritage Farms Market, and you can even fill up your bottle from the cider tap just outside of the processing room.

Our first trip of the season was a few weeks ago as soon as I heard that the slushies were available.  My wife and I went during the week and explored the grounds.  There are many family activities, such as the corn maze, hayrides, play areas, etc.  This time, we decided to visit the animals since we were the only ones there that day.  We purchased some feed and set out to the animal enclosures.

In previous years we enjoyed the Ninja Goats, a name given to them by their high-altitude enclosure with may steps and platforms the goats will climb up.

However, this time we decided to say hi to the goats and head over to the other side of the animal exhibit area.  We were excited to see some adorable baby piglets this year.  They were running around and having a good time.

After visiting with the goats, pigs, turkeys, and chickens, we walked around and explored more of the immediate area.  There was already a large assortment of pumpkins available, and the corn maze was fully grown by this time.  In all, we only stopped by for 45 minutes or so, and there is so much left to explore next time.

Our second Fall stop will be at Nelson’s Farm Market in Grant to order one of their famous giant cinnamon rolls and buy some fresh produce.  We enjoy going to Nelson’s every year to stock up on jam, cider, and fresh baked goods.  It is also an excellent place to buy some Fall decorations like pumpkins, straw, and corn stalks.

Next time you are in Newaygo County, I would highly recommend stopping at Nelson’s Farms Market and Heritage Farm’s Market.  Both locations are highlighted on the official Newaygo County Color Tour Map.  Get a cider slushie from Heritage and a giant cinnamon roll from Nelsons to take your fall color tour to the next level!