Welcome to The Wildlife Center at Legends Ranch, an institution with a rich legacy of hunting, family, and conservation.



Established in 2018, The Wildlife Center at Legends Ranch is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization focusing on ethical hunting, understanding of the outdoors, and conservation education. Arthur Gutierrez Sr. has led a life dedicated to hunting, family, and conservation. With these core values in mind, he established The Wildlife Center at Legends Ranch. 

Arthur strongly believes that to value the hunt, one must also value the resource. For that reason, he displays his many harvests in The Wildlife Center as a way to share his vast knowledge. Arthur and his family welcome you to join us in fostering the love of nature and wildlife while educating and promoting the future of conservation for the next generation.

The Wildlife Center at Legends Ranch is a 24,000 square foot facility featuring over 2,500 animals from around the world. The center offers a one-of-a-kind experience for hunters, families, friends, and students, where all guests will learn the importance of hunting and conservation. In partnership with Legends Ranch, the Wildlife Center supports Youth Challenge and Purple Heart hunts, as well as provides a platform for future wildlife scholarships.



Growing up in Boston, Robert was introduced to the hunting world by his grandfather. Over the years they traveled the globe together, harvesting trophies and making memories. As the Director of Legends Ranch, Robert stays focused on the goal of improving the entire operation every season and creating new relationships in the local community. Robert’s passion for hunting and conservation gives him a deep understanding that the future of hunting and conservation lies in education. Robert truly enjoys getting first time hunters their first harvest and educating them on the importance of hunting and conservation. Now, Robert looks to share his memorable experiences and vast hunting knowledge with each client and guest that comes through our gates.


What are you most proud of since opening the doors in 2018? We are most proud of educating the next generation on the importance of conservation through hunting. We are excited to partner with many national and local organizations, along with

 artists to help expand our network. It’s a unique experience coming through the wildlife center especially for kids and people that are not familiar with the love of the outdoors and what it has to offer. 

How many tours have you done this year? We have done 29 tours in the last 2 months, serving 271 people. We are continuing to book school groups and private tours at The Wildlife Center. 

How has the WLC changed the hunting experience at Legends ranch? It has given us an opportunity to share information with hunters as well as locals about wildlife they may or may not have seen. Seeing our collection can inspire new hunters to go out and create their own adventure. 

What is next to come? We are partnering with artists locally and nationally to continue to raise money for our projects on education, hunting, and conservation. Expect date-night couple packages, Learning-How-To Events with handguns and rifles, as well as touring The Wildlife Center. 


How can we spread the word on a local platform? We can spread the word by sharing experiences with others in the community and inviting them to come get involved at the Wildlife Center, be it through donation, volunteering, or a tour. We are always looking for volunteers for The Wildlife Center. If you are interested in learning, or mentoring in areas of guns, bows, fishing, survival skills, camping, cooking, etc., please contact The Wildlife Center

Anything you would like to add? We’re always updating the museum with new educational lessons and mounts



The Legends Ranch property is located in northern Newaygo County.  Schedule a hunt, book a stay, or schedule a tour to experience this amazing property, nestled in the wilderness of Newaygo County.