As the weather warms, the trails are calling.  Rev the engine & take to the county and seasonal roads and ORV/ATV trails of Newaygo County, and you are bound to end up near Diamond Lake. A 171 acre all-sports lake, surrounded by cottages, national forest & a 156 acre Newaygo County Diamond Lake Park, it offers a little something for everyone.

This portion of Newaygo County is true perfect storm for anyone itching to get a little dusty during their ride.

Situated in the middle of the wondrous Huron National Forest, little is left to be desired…except snacks, fuel and cell service.

This is where Eric & Diane Schindlbeck come to the rescue (except for the cell service!).  Moving north from Spring

Lake in 2017, they are serial entrepreneurs, aiming to find the perfect solution to the needs of Newaygo County.  If you’ve been here, you know most all businesses are located south of M-20, which provided the perfect opportunity for Eric & Diane, finding the ‘diamond in the rough’ of the Diamond Lake Store.

The store has gone through various owners over the years, offering a much-needed resource for tourists and locals alike.

With the ambition of the Schindlebeck’s and the potential the community and tourism boasts, it is sure to be a perfect match.

“We see the vision of embracing the campground, anglers and trail users,” Diane says “We want a place where people can gather…enjoy the great views, some ice cream, food & beverages!”

Soon to be dubbed ‘Schindy’s Place’, they plan to offer rec fuel, farm fresh items, a deli counter, pizza, salads, ice cream, donuts & baked goods, among other things.

Construction began mid-April, with hopes of opening the gas & market in June.  Although it may take time, Diane shares “We’re so excited to embrace and build those relationships with the outdoor enthusiasts.”

Whether you are heading to the ORV friendly Diamond Lake Camp Ground, getting dirty on your quad, or simply taking a leisurely drive on Centerline Road in your side by side, Schindy’s Place will soon be offering up a place to fuel up, gather with your friends for a pizza or simply chat with a friendly face.