High Rollway is a roadside park located in Brooks Township off M-82, less than ten minutes from Downtown Newaygo. From the road, the park looks like an ordinary grassy area to park and stretch your legs after a long car ride. However, this park is a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered.

High Rollway overlooks the Muskegon River, the wider and smoother flowing of the two beautiful rivers that flow through Newaygo County. The day we were out exploring, we saw tubers, boaters and fishermen enjoying the river. Even though I’ve spent the better part of my adult years in Newaygo County, the river systems that weave throughout the area are still as beautiful and majestic to me as the first time I saw them. Fun Fact: Newaygo County is home to over 350 miles of rivers waiting to be explored.

We took a walk down 234 steps to the river. The stairs are well maintained and make traveling down the steep embankment MUCH easier than trekking on your own. The walk down takes you through different stages of forest and tree growth. I grew up exploring deep, cool forests and walking these steps brought on some heavy nostalgia.

Walking up those 234 steps, however, brought back the love-hate relationship I have with the stair climber at the gym. Add a hefty toddler on your hip and you get double the fun- ha! Even my active six-year-old was winded at the top- so parents, take note! Take your kids here for a good energy release!

High Rollway is the PERFECT stop for a roadside lunch, something I grew up doing on countless road trips with my family. It only made sense to carry this tradition on within my own family and we took advantage of the ample picnic tables and enjoyed a lunch of sandwiches, granola bars and fresh fruit. Being a wife and mama of five, mealtime is sacred to me. It’s a time when we can slow down and connect as a family before jobs, school, homework, chores, and life pull us in different directions.

High Rollway looks like your ordinary roadside park but deserves special attention and should NOT be looked over! I’m a sucker for fall colors and highly suggest coming once the colors come in!

Get out and enjoy the great outdoors!