Beginning in 1983, Russell Gilbert Kids Free Fishing is a day where families can gather for fun times and even have a chance to win big money!  On the first Kids Free Fishing day, 8 anglers joined in the fun & over the years, they have seen over 400 anglers participating.

Former Mayor Russ Gilbert championed this event, and after his death in 2001, his family kept the dream alive, renaming the event in his honor

The event is on Saturday, June 5, 2021 at Mill Pond in White Cloud  for Kids ages 3 to 16

Registration begins at 8 am poles in approx. 9 am. Things will be much different this year, maybe better than ever –  WE DID GET TROUT !!!! Rules will be explained at event!!

There will be prizes and drawing throughout the day as well as free donuts for breakfast and hotdogs for lunch.


Individuals and Businesses participate in “Tag-A-Fish” where they can have a fish

or group of fish ‘tagged’ by the local fish hatchery for a dollar amount of $5, $10, $20, $50, or $100. These tagged fish will be released into the lake the night/early morning before the big Fishing Day. (The lake is patrolled by the DNR and local law enforcement once the fish are released until fishing time, so no cheating!)

Anglers who are lucky enough to catch a tagged fish win that dollar amount!

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