Enjoy the best of winter motor sports snowmobiling the trails of Newaygo County!

Plan Your Newaygo County Snowmobiling Adventure

Snowmobile by Newaygo staging area sign

Local Trail Club

Trailriders Snowmobile Club, in coordination with the DNR and U.S. Forest Service, have improved and expanded trails that join in the north with Irons trails, to Newaygo in the south and east to Reed City. The club grooms a trail system that has grown to include 122 miles of trails.

Grooming starts December 1st, or as soon as there is enough snow, and continues through the months of December, January, February and March.  Trailriders Snowmobile Club publishes a trail map and hosts a website with updates on trail and weather conditions. 

If you are interested in snowmobiling in Newaygo, furthering the sport of snowmobiling in Newaygo County and helping to preserve the sport for furture generations, be sure to check them out!

snowmobile on snowy trail

Network Trails

Connect with trails of neighboring counties to the north and east to expand your trail riding experience.

Ready for some wide-open winter adventure? Newaygo is home to the DNR designated LP3 Trail which runs from the staging area located just north of the City of Newaygo across from the Newaygo County Welcome Center to the very Northern end of Newaygo County, continuing on through Lake, Oceana, Mecosta counties and beyond.



Stories from the Trail

Acquiring and Operating Snowmobiles

Acquiring and Operating Snowmobiles

By Samantha Breza There are no places to rent a snowmobile at in Newaygo County at this time. Snowmobilers have to own a snowmobile already or purchase one at David Allen Racing Motorsports on Maple Island Road. Winter clothes and goggles can be purchased at Dunham...

Sub 32 Degrees

Sub 32 Degrees

One might imagine that in an area where the pursuit of outdoor activities consumes its citizenry throughout spring, summer and fall, folks might pull back in a bit in winter. A little hibernation might be I order once the snow rolls in and the waters turn to ice....

Hit the Trail

Newaygo is the perfect hub to begin your winter adventure. Whether you are planning an overnight stay or a week long trip, we have the right place for you to rest your head. What are you waiting for?