Hiking Trails

Looking to venture out into the wilderness? Newaygo County is home to miles of hiking trails and numerous nature areas that allow you to get out and create and adventure of your own making.

Choose the Right Trail for Your Adventure

First Time Hikers

Everyone starts somewhere. Ready to wander out on your first trail hiking adventure? We have just the right spot for you!


Want to Go Explore the North Country Trail? Newaygo County is home to some of the longest trail segments of this 4,000 mile hiking trail. Your adventure begins!

Looped Trails

Want the simplicity of ending up where you began? These loop trails offer trails of varying lengths and challenge that all circle back to your home base.

Stories from the Trail

A Quaint Town & Country Path

A Quaint Town & Country Path

  Fremont has long been known as the Baby Food Capital of the World and attracts thousands of visitors to Gerber’s popular National Baby Food Festival in July. Visitors also come to enjoy Fremont’s Harvest Festival, nearby woods and lakes, and the Fremont Town...

Camp Newaygo & The Wetland Trail

Camp Newaygo & The Wetland Trail

Nature-seekers who discover the “Wetland Trail” at Camp Newaygo are treated to an ecologically-unique outdoor experience. The Wetland Trail is no ordinary swampland or run-of-the-mill hiker pathway! In fact, the one mile (roundtrip) boardwalk trail, is one of the only...

Newaygo Gets The Edge

Newaygo Gets The Edge

As residents and visitors alike agree, Newaygo County has an enviable natural resource base that has to be experienced firsthand to be fully appreciated. 2014 brought the introduction of a new Newaygo County asset: The Edge! Ready to get away for an afternoon, an...

Hit the Trail

Newaygo is the perfect hub to begin your adventure. Whether you are planning an overnight stay or a week long trek, we have the right trail head for you. What are you waiting for?