Indoor and Outdoor Art

Indoor and Outdoor Art

Indoor and Outdoor Art

Every season provides a chance to enjoy all those things we love about living in Newaygo County.  The beauty of seeing the “best sunset ever” every night of the summer, the sound of loons echoing over the lake, feeling your kayak glide along with the river current, smelling fresh cut hay or hearing the sound of the “swish, swish” as kids ice skate on one of our many lakes.

We are fortunate for not only the natural beauty but also an abundance of cultural opportunities: Seeing the bold colors in a beautiful painting on exhibit or at an arts and craft fair; dancing to your favorite band playing in an outdoor concert; seeing your child’s eyes light up as he or she exhibits a latest clay project.

Both connections, to nature and to culture, can provoke similar emotions: inspiring, energizing, motivating, empowering.  Both touch our lives for the better.  The value of both nature and culture goes beyond the beauty and power to move individuals: they contribute to advancing tourism and nurturing the creativity of our region.

Both our natural and cultural resources are a part of what makes our area unique to many other areas and we are fortunate to have such a great combination.  From an outdoor concert, to ballet, to theatrical productions, to art exhibits; we hope you too enjoy the natural, cultural beauty of Newaygo County.

The facilities that house many of the cultural events are located throughout the County.  Each offers its own flavor of activities, providing something for everyone throughout the year.  There are many opportunities to become art-involved and we hope you and your friends participate in upcoming events.

In the southern part of the County, Grant Fine Arts Center is the home of community theater group, LionHeart Productions, and the Grant High School Fine Arts Department.  This beautiful center offers performances year round in music and theater.

On the County’s northern side, Stage Door Theater is located in downtown White Cloud and is an intimate venue for the community theater group, Stage Door Players.

In Fremont, Newaygo County Council for the Arts (NCCA – Artsplace) specializes in the fine arts.  With an exhibition gallery, local artist market, classes and workshops, the renovated century-old building buzzes with activity.  Dogwood Center for the Performing Arts is a vibrant combination of a state-of-the- art performance center, gallery and a Black Box intimate venue.  Concerts, theater, films and entertainment are on the schedule all year long.

Forget making a trip to the “big city” for your cultural needs.  You’ve got it all right here in Newaygo County along with an abundance of natural beauty to boot!

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